• Reproductive Justice

    Bernie Sanders' platform is about more than just reproductive freedom. It's also about reproductive justice, which addresses issues for many women of color and low-income women by shifting the focus from choice to access. Reproductive justice isn't only about abortion and birth control: it's about economic justice, racial justice, access to family planning, affordable childcare, and education. A woman cannot have full reproductive freedom until she first has reproductive justice. These issues are at the top of Bernie's platform.

    Did you know?

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate whose platform includes fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment.

    Senator Sanders is a co-sponsor of the Cardin/Kirk joint resolution, which was introduced on May 7, 2015. It removes the deadline for the states’ ratification of the ERA.

    Bernie has been a consistent champion for women's rights and pay equality.

    Nurses Love Bernie

    National Nurses United Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President


    NNU, which represents some 185,000 nurses from California to Florida, including nurses who live in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, becomes the first national union to endorse Sanders.

    Robin Hood Tax

    On May 19, 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced two pieces of legislation into the Senate: the Robin Hood Tax [S.1371] and the College for All Act [S.1373].


    The Robin Hood Tax, a small tax of less than 0.5% on some Wall Street transactions and derivative trades, would generate roughly $300 billion per year to be reinvested in communities. The money would provide resources for jobs, healthcare, education, affordable housing, climate change research, and the eradication of HIV/AIDS. The College for All Act, funded by the Robin Hood Tax, would eliminate undergraduate college tuition, reform student loans, and expand work-study programs.


    Women for

    Bernie Sanders

    We are a small grassroots group who have made it our purpose to let the voters know why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for women..

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    Women for Bernie at the DNC:

    Our Outreach Coordinator, Molly Grover, was one of the speakers at a Women's Speak Out on Tuesday, July 26th in Philadelphia.


    The Speak Out, and Molly's trip to Philly was featured in a New York Times op-ed piece!!


    The entire event was broadcast on the Sojourner Truth Show on Pacifica radio:

    Listen to Part 1

    Listen to Part 2 (Molly's short speech is from minute 23:00-25:00)




    We hope to build a large grassroots network of volunteers across the country who will help us to get the word out about who Bernie Sanders is and why he is good for women.


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    Nina Turner's Address at the Women for Bernie Meet-ups

    Bernie Sanders has a great record on voting in the best interest of women.

  • Issues

    Bernie Sanders: When Women Want More

    Equality & Civil Rights

    For over 30 years, Bernie has been championing the rights of the people, no matter their gender, race, or creed. He supports the enjoyment of a free and healthy life for all. As President, he will...

    • Fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
    • Bolster and expand the Voting Rights Act
    • Advance racial justice
    • Protect Roe v. Wade and expand women’s reproductive freedom
    • Support pay equity across all gender, race, age, and ability spectrums
    • Mandate LGBTQ equality in schools, the workplace, and the military
    • Make automatic registration, early voting, no-fault absentee ballots, and ample polling places available for all citizens


    Bernie supports education reform that helps women and families reduce student loan debt, access free public college, and secure quality childcare and guaranteed pre-K for all children. He believes America should...

    • Provide childcare, universal pre-K, and after-school programs for all children
    • Reform “No Child Left Behind” and develop a system that works for students and educators
    • Reject the use of school vouchers
    • Reduce high-stakes testing
    • Make public colleges and universities tuition-free
    • Lower student loan interest rates
    • Enhance work-study programs to help college students pay tuition and gain work experience

    Criminal Justice Reform

    Bernie insists on honesty and integrity in our justice system. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ citizens have been disproportionately subjected to discrimination, violence, and increasingly punitive sentencing. Bernie will...

    • Abolish for-profit prisons
    • Promote a community-policing model
    • Encourage police to reflect the diversity and values of areas served
    • Demilitarize police and require body cameras
    • Mandate public reports about use of force
    • Require accountability for officers
    • Sentence non-violent offenders to rehabilitation and community service
    • Aid people with substance abuse problems through drug court and medical and mental health services
    • Provide incarcerated people access to higher education and job training, which reduce recidivism

    Immigration Reform

    Bernie believes we can all work together to achieve the American dream. He wants to keep families together and protect immigrant workers, especially women, who are subjected to cruel conditions and wage abuse. President Sanders will...

    • Support the DREAM Act, which provides residency for young, undocumented immigrants who arrived as children
    • Provide a path to legal status and, in some cases, citizenship for immigrants already in America
    • Prevent large corporations from profiting from the exploitation of immigrant workers
    • Reject the abuse of visas for cheap, foreign labor
    • Control injustices, such as starvation wages or inhumane conditions, against immigrants
    • Secure our borders with additional border patrol and without building a fence

    Social Safety Nets

    Nearly half of America’s children lives in poverty or in a low-income home and a single mother has an almost 50% chance of raising her family in poverty. Bernie will preserve social programs that support our fellow citizens, especially families, single mothers, the elderly, and veterans. He will also...

    • Allow every American to choose from affordable medical and mental healthcare options
    • Expand nutrition and education programs for schoolchildren and families
    • Protect the Section 8 and Housing Trust Funds which provide affordable housing to families
    • Reduce homelessness, especially among families and veterans
    • Ensure that the Women, Infant, & Children services are fully funded
    • Fix Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000
    • Repeal laws that have stripped Americans of their hard-earned pensions

    Climate Change & Environment

    The welfare of women is intimately tied to the welfare of the environment. A healthier, safer world benefits all of us and leaves a lasting legacy for the generations to come. President Bernie Sanders would...

    • Promote objective climate science
    • Strengthen environmental protections for food, water, and air quality
    • Support energy efficient programs and create and train a green-jobs workforce
    • Develop safe, cost-effective alternatives to fracking, offshore drilling, and nuclear power
    • Continue to lead opposition against dangerous oil-transport systems, such as the Keystone XL pipeline
    • Push for GMO labels
    • Advocate for animal welfare, ensuring humane treatment for all animals
    • Continue strong funding for national parks and public-use areas

    Financial Reform

    Women and families are the most vulnerable to economic disaster. Bernie wants to prevent another economic collapse by regulating large financial institutions and reducing corporate handouts. He pledges to...

    • Discourage high-risk, high-frequency speculation on Wall Street, which can bankrupt companies and cost jobs
    • Overturn Citizens United, which allows unlimited money from unknown origins into electoral politics
    • Break up the large financial institutions that are “too big to fail”
    • Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act to protect people’s savings from risky activities by commercial banks
    • End corporate subsidies and tax evasions that exploit taxpayers

    Wealth & Income Inequality

    Wealth disparity is at its highest level since the Great Depression. Bernie doesn’t work for the 1%-- he belongs to the 99%. His policies will create a thriving middle class, a stable economy, and a secure future for our nation’s children. As president, he vows to...

    • Bolster the working class with fair wages, benefits, job security, and social safety nets
    • Prevent corporations from evading taxes and moving American jobs overseas
    • Adjust the tax code so that corporations pay a fair share of income taxes
    • Enact an estate tax on the top 0.3% of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million
    • Tax a fraction of a percent of Wall Street trades to pay for free public colleges

    Family Values

    Bernie’s policies support all families by ensuring that they have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and a good education, no matter their income. Such policies result in a revitalized and educated middle class that can provide for their families with dignity. Bernie knows we need to...

    • Ensure good-paying, stable jobs in a thriving economy
    • Provide universal health care
    • Ensure that affordable, quality childcare and Pre-K are available for all families
    • Fund free public colleges, resulting in better jobs with higher wages for working parents
    • Provide contraception and family-planning education
    • Reduce or eliminate burdensome education loans, which can delay home purchases for many families
    • Support housing programs for low income families
    • Ensure adequate nutrition for all children, so they go to school ready to learn

      War, Peace & Security

      While in Congress, Bernie has been a powerful advocate for all veterans. He served twice as the chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee and still continues as a member. He has worked tirelessly to produce bills that improve the VA Health Care system, increase college tuition benefits, and strengthen the GI Bill of the 21st Century. He will also...

      • Diplomatically avoid putting our service men and women in harm’s way
      • Reduce inflated military spending and use that money to create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and improve the lives of American citizens
      • Urge powerful Middle Eastern countries to combat ISIS on the ground
      • Broker a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine to support peace
      • Support the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, including through the Iran Nuclear Deal
      • Strengthen US cybersecurity while maintaining individual privacy and civil liberties

      Jobs & Workers’ Rights

      Bernie has always backed the working class. He supports unions that close wage gaps and protect workers’ rights to a safe and healthy work environment. Countries and states that encourage unions, pay equity, and job security have more prosperous families. Bernie wants to see the USA...

      • Empower unions to maintain safety laws and the 40-hour work week
      • Incrementally raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
      • Require paid family and medical leave for all American workers
      • Ensure that Americans are allowed paid sick days
      • Require paid vacation time for all employees
      • Enact a federal jobs bill to employ and provide job training to over one million youths
      • Support the creation of 13 million jobs by rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure
      • Encourage worker co-ops, which allow employee ownership in companies
      • Negotiate fair trade agreements that help American workers and working families around the globe
      • Oppose unfair trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership
      • Create more small-business loans


      Even after passage of the Affordable Care Act, many people struggle to provide for their families and maintain decent health coverage. Bernie strongly believes that no American should face bankruptcy due to an unforeseen illness or emergency. As president, he will...

      • Support universal healthcare through a Medicare-for-All system, giving the option for national insurance coverage or private care
      • Expand the availability of mental-health care
      • Control the massive increases in generic-drug prices
      • Expand Medicaid until Universal Care is in place
      • Protect community clinics, especially in low-income and underserved areas
      • Strengthen the economy and grow small businesses by relieving working Americans and their employers of inefficient healthcare costs
      • Standardize pricing for common medical tests
      • Combat the primary-care physician shortage
      • Support Planned Parenthood funding for women’s healthcare screening and contraceptive care

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